Nutribio, it is :

100% made in France, with French milk from the Sodiaal cooperative

4 production sites in France, to the latest quality standards

An international know-how for nearly 40 years

A unique organic expertise, with a patented technology

Support from A to Z for all your projects


100% Made in France

Production sites in close proximity to the dairy collection areas.

Our products are 100% made from milk collected from the breeders of the Sodiaal cooperative with which we are in close geographic proximity.


This unique proximity to farms and Sodiaal milk producers guarantees the traceability of the milk and dairy ingredients that go into the composition of our products.

4 production sites, compliant with the latest quality standards

At Nutribio, we develop, produce and package 100% of our infant and adults formulas in our four French plants, located in Doullens, Montauban, Guingamp et Carhaix.


We invest regularly in the continuous improvement of our manufacturing facilities in order to provide our customers and consumers with the best possible quality.

Nearly 40 years of international expertise

Part of Sodiaal group since 2008, Nutribio is now present in over 50 countries on 4 continents : Europe, Asia, America, Middle-East and Africa.


With almost 40 years of experience we have extensive knowledge of all markets, their cultures and their expectations.


Our experience and our mastery of the logistics chain enable us to export our products to many countries, on all five continents.


Holders of international certifications, we are fully compliant with the standards and regulations of all the countries in which we sell.


The same quality of service, everywhere in the world!

Unique organic expertise

At Nutribio, we rely on a unique organic expertise, thanks to our own 100% integrated organic dairy collection, and a patented technology, True Green.


Support from A to Z, for all your projects

Upstream Phase

Study, design and formulation of your product

Nutribio's three-pronged approach to creating optimised formulas

Marketing and medical communication


National and international regulations

Production phase

Developpement and manufacturing

Control of all stages of your supply chain

Selection of raw materials

Choice of dairy ingredients

Customised design of packaging

100% french production

International distribution and logistics chain

Downstream phase

Support for the launch

A catalogue of services to support you


- Product briefs

- Communication tools

- Training

- Marketing advice