• Nutribio will be present at the Vitafoods exhibition, Europe’s key nutraceutical event

  • - Nutribio has successfully passed the CNCA agreement program on May 1,2014

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Infant nutrition
Nutribio’s mission is based on supporting children’s growth right from the very first moments of life.

Breast milk is the ideal food for an infant. Nutribio complies with the WHO recommendations regarding
the marketing of infant formulations.

Infants’ nutrition
Based on 40 years of expertise in this area, Nutribio creates a wide range of high quality
infant nutrition products, all made in France.

 Milked based infants cereals from 6 months 
Our nutritionists have developed a milk-based or non-milk-based cereal range to meet your infant’s needs for energy and essential growth nutrients during breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding. We offer several flavors for the cereal range (Wheat-based range and Rice-based range).

Infants’ nutrition from 1 to 10 years old
The Nutribio powders and “kids” bar range meet infants’ specific nutritional needs from
1 to 10 years old and mothers’ requirements to support their child’ s growth with healthy products.